Next Steps.

BELONG in God’s Forever Family to…

I am developing authentic community within my forever family and small group.

I am more loving, grace giving and forgiving to others than I was a year ago.

I am intentionally cultivating my relationships with Christian friends and spiritual mentors.

I am regularly connecting with my immediate family relationships (parents, siblings, kids, spouse).

I am resolving conflict with others biblically and supporting the leadership of my forever family.

INCREASE in Christlikeness,

I have a growing relationship with God through regular quiet time in His Word and prayer.

I respond to challenges with peace and faith rather than anxiety and fear.

I avoid using addictive behaviors (food, television, busyness, etc.) to meet my needs.

I have a relationship with someone that encourages spiritual health and personal growth.

I am honoring God with my finances (budget) and my personal giving to His work (tithing).

XPRESS your Shape in Service, and

I am expressing my unique God-given design as a way of life (home, work, and community).

I am open and praying to be used by God to express my unique SHAPE for service.

I am serving in a regular (once a month or better) ministry in the church or community.

I am sharing group ownership by assuming a small responsibility or facilitating a discussion group.

I am discovering new ways to cultivate and develop my unique SHAPE for service to my community and world through the peace plan.

BRIDGE the Gap with the Gospel as you

I am actively praying for and cultivating relationships with unchurched friends and family.

I am inviting unchurched people to church and sharing my spiritual story with them.

I am seeking to connect unchurched people into our group or in the lives of our group members.

I am praying and considering where God can use me through the local and global peace plan.

I am regularly investing in the spiritual life of another person or group (spiritual reproduction).

YIELD Your Life to God.

I am faithfully attending large group celebration services for spiritual renewal and refreshment.

I have a personal plan and process to help me achieve my goals and dreams (health plan).

I have a growing heart for worship through music and praise (personal, small group, and large group).

I am honoring God with my physical and personal health (exercise and nutrition).

I am pleasing God with every dimension of my life by balancing His purposes in my life.











Completed Pathway to Purpose...

BELONG in God’s Forever Family to…

1. BELONG: Attend the next CLASS 101: BELONG and commit to belonging to God’s forever family.

2. SUIT UP: Celebrate baptism or renewal at a Signing Day Celebration.

3. SHOW UP: Get in the game with the BIXBY.CHURCH team.


INCREASE in Christlikeness,

1. INCREASE: Attend the next CLASS 201: INCREASE and commit to increasing in Christlikeness with the help of a Base Coach.

2. PRACTICE: Develop spiritually by practicing the four habits of spiritual growth.

3. PARTNER UP: Improve personally by doing life with teammates in a small group.


XPRESS your Shape in Service, and

1. XPRESS: Attend the next CLASS 301: XPRESS and learn how to xpress your shape in service.

2. PERSONAL COACHING: Discover your unique SHAPE for service with a Base Coach.

3. PLAY YOUR POSITION: Xpress your unique SHAPE in service to others as a team player.


BRIDGE the Gap with the Gospel as you

1. BRIDGE: Attend the next CLASS 401: BRIDGE and explore how to bridge the gap with the gospel.

2. BASE COACH: Become a Base Coach helping someone else around the bases of God’s Purposes.

3. FIND YOUR FIELD: Discover your personal mission field.


YIELD Your Life to God.

1. YIELD: Attend the next CLASS 501: YIELD and yield your life to play for God’s glory.

2. MANAGE YOUR INFLUENCE: Use your influence for God’s purposes.

3. OWN YOUR WORSHIP: Become a life-long worshipper, 24/7/365.